Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Kevin!

We first met October 05,2009, a day before my birthday.

If my memory serves it right, I wasn't able to call you on time due to system failure. I introduced myself and you did the same. From then on, I knew that we would be cool.

Days passed and I felt like we were getting closer. Whenever 9pm comes, I couldn't help but to get excited because I know we're going to talk and it would be a great one.

Our routine became essential to me. I would anticipate our class and would surely feel sad whenever you delay it.

Months passed and we got our bond stronger. We became very close and I feel very fortunate that I was given a chance to handle you as my student.

I always love listening to you and your sentiments. I love listening how juvenile your thoughts are. I love listening to your rants about Katy (your girlfriend). I love the way we talk, you know how honest and sarcastic I could get, yet you still want to listen on what I have to say.

I love it when you say that you want me to be there on your wedding. I may be old then, but don't worry, I'll surely be glad to be there on your happiest day. I'll be so glad to witness my young boy making his own family.

Thanks for being active. Thanks for being witty. Your wit has always been refreshing. Thanks for being so kind and lovely.

I may not have the most expensive gift or the fanciest treat on your birthday. I can just offer you an ear when you want someone to listen.

Enjoy your day young boy! I know soon, you'll be one real, great man!

Happy Birthday Kevin!

Teacher Rovi loves you.


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