"Poem for a girl"

by:Doni Cifra

I hold the train of your loveliness
In the breadth of my arms.
And my chest would start to effervesce,
With the magnitude of your charms.

The words they string themselves together
They hold my mind in reins.
And though I try so hard to sever
Their power never wanes.

So I walk steadily behind you
As in your wedding day.
To be with you I can’t aspire to
Because I’m flaming gay.

But even though I love cock
I can’t control my feelings.
I can’t imagine how we’ll fuck
But we can start from small beginnings.

A small dildo, a small strap-on
I’ll even get you one in pink.
We’ll never do it with the lights on
And never without a drink.

I’m slightly wishing I were straight
But darling I’m a queer.
And being a fag is just way too great
I’m really sorry, dear.

*Thanks BFF Doni Cifra for letting me copy this*