Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"Suicide Commitment"

Suicide Commitment

*Taken from the blog I'm Chuck Bass*

When we say "romantic relationship" we can expect a thing or two about two people in love. In a country dominated by corny telenovelas and unrealistic fairy tale happy endings, romantic relationships can be simply defined as a union of two people hopelessly and mutually in love (with a hope of a happy ending).

I am not new to the scene. Having fallen in and out of love several times in my life- I can pretty much say that being involved means having to enter a commitment. Commitment is a responsibility (and a responsibility that most people don't understand in a deeper sense). This means that when you enter a relationship, you get into exclusivity. There's a responsibility for both of you to belong and stay faithful to each other (not to fool around with someone's wife or husband or somebody else's boyfriend or girlfriend). There is security involved in the equation. Trust and adjustments. Sacrifice is also antiquated in to the equation which means freedom is a bit scarce and fulfilling each one's happiness is the end goal of your relationship.

Not until you know that you are ready to commit to someone can you truly achieve all this. In today's generation- love is a fairy tale and everybody else just dances with every single (and not so single) human being they come across with. The word commitment no longer has a strong meaning- and usually it is associated with the word suicide.

you might be thinking: Oh my that is such a horrible thing to say! Well, if you've been where I've been you wouldn't think it's so horrible at all. I was in a relationship once with this girl who views the word commitment in extreme measures- thus the word suicide came into mind. No, she's no Blair Waldorf (not as pretty or as classy) but she sure knows how to cling to her man. With great irritation, she never leaves my side! She clings on to me like I'm some prized trophy or something and she wouldn't let me spend some time alone with my friends. She plans all the activities we do (which usually involves her in the process) and the worst of it- she was already planning our wedding when we're only two months in the relationship! Scary? You got that right! I wouldn't mind being in an exclusive relationship- but this is perverse. As a socialite and a regular friend to everyone, I am entitled to some free pass; which includes having to spend time alone with my buddies and not having to see you everyday and call you every evening when we have already spent the last 16hours of the day together!

I had an 8year relationship before I got involved with her. Wouldn't it made some sense to her that if I wanted to get married I would probably have done so in the last 8years I was involved with someone?

Someone once told me that it isn't true what they say that too much love will kill you- yeah? Then what would you call this? If this isn't too much then I don't know what it is.

Being in a relationship shouldn't be this bad. Believe me- I had some good rounds in my time too. But things should take it's course on it's own. You need not to manipulate someone else's feelings or the situation to make it all happen- it will just happen. Let destiny take it's course. Natural love happens when you least expect it so why exert so much effort on trying to make the inevitable happen?

I don't believe in love the way I used to anymore. To me, love is like a disease that feeds on the hungry and stalks the weak. I am a strong man- I'm Chuck Bass. Chuck Bass does not commit to one same woman- except for Blair. I know that one day I'll find my Blair Waldorf somewhere out there- but until then, if it's not Blair then it's nobody.

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