Saturday, December 25, 2010

"Mortecno's Nocturnal Emission"

Note: I do not own this short story. This story was written by a dear friend named Mortecno. Let's have a Hard Christmas. Enjoy. Cheers!

"Mortecno's Nocturnal Emission"

one of my hottest wet dream wasn't exactly wet but still quite awesome. here goes:

I was walking down a corridor and i was wearing jeans, a shirt or polo shirt and rubber shoes. i suddenly stopped at one of the doors in the long corridor of endless doors, which seemed to be something like apartments or condos. i knock at the door and this guy who i seem to know opens the door, and was wearing jeans, rubber shoes and a polo and we kiss or rather gives me a peck before he lets me in through his place. now i don't exactly remember what he looked like but from the smile in my face he was incredibly cute and i was also as incredibly attracted to him.

he apparently lives with either his little sister or his daughter, i know i like the little one and care for her but i digress.

we both feel the heat of the kiss earlier...of wanting to touch and taste each other so we go to another room and lock the door. as soon as the door closes we kiss so fervently we barely have time to breath..his face against mine so close and i wanted more. i kiss him again with the same passion as before but going downwards.. i bite his lower lips...kiss his chin going slowly to his neck like a beast trying to get at his jugular. i go lower still from his neck to his collar bone and rip his polo from its button exposing him wearing a white shirt underneath.

I kiss him on his cheek and then dive to near his crotch all the while pushing him to a wall for leverage in one switch motion. my face in front of his crotch with a very noticeable bulge in it. i open my mouth and raise his shirt with my mouth and use my hands to further raise his shirt upward up to his shoulders. I go back down and kiss his stomache and upwards to his belly button and further to his chest and back again down below. my hands squeezing, groping and grabbing any part of him that i can as i kiss his delicious body. i continue to kiss his body like i was trying to drink every last drop of him like he was water and i was very thirsty. i suddenly jerk upwards and kiss him on the lips so strongly that we gasp for air after the kiss and then i unbuckle his pants while kissing him still on his lips. the button of his pants comes off and i unzip it and slowly kissing his body on the way to his crotch...

(sa totoo lang dito na natapos yung panaginip ko kase nagising na ako bigla...panira noh? ahahahaha)

I turn him so his back is in front of me. he removes his polo and white undershirt and of course i help him. his pants are on his ankles and he's only wearing his black underwear which clings to his round ass and leaves nothing to be imagined in the front. i push him again to the wall, all the while sticking his ass outward to me. i kneel and give his ass a little nibble on his right cheek. I then start to lick from his lower back up to his neck tasting his sweat and enjoying his slightly muffled moans. My body hugging him from behind while my hands caressing his chest and playing with his nipples while my mouth on his neck and the bulge in my pants pressing in between his cheeks.

His moans making me harder and hungrier to be inside him, I start to remove his underwear revealing his throbbing member full of precum and ready to burst. He bends over knowing full well how much we both cant stand the foreplay any longer. I start to prepare his hole using a natural lubricant, my saliva. i first insert my index finger and i could feel him cringe as it almost made him cum, but i still continue keeping in mind that even if he came there were more of that were it came from. my second finger now enters him and i start moving them around inside him, which inadvertently was too much for him as it made him cum. i then put in my third finger and start to move it inside and out of his hole. i use his own cum as a sort of lubricant. his now limp member slowly hardening again.

finally unable to control myself i unbutton my pants and take out my throbbing cock. i spread his ass cheeks revealing his inviting hole which i had worked over earlier. i slowly enter him, the tip of my dick pushing into him while his moans from earlier turned into panting. his hole now welcoming me up to my shaft and wicked me suddenly pushed it up to the hilt. he gasp at the sudden strong entrance, his head thrown back and the panting replaced again with moans. i move inside and out of him with a mixed rhythm of fast and slow thrust. the squelches from our union drive me hotter as his moans start pleading to a higher power. unable to contain myself any longer i start stroking his cock with my right hand, my left hand playing with his nipples and my hips moving faster and harder. i could feel through his stiff member's shaft his cum about to explode as my own had reach its limit long ago, but stopped with sheer will. his back suddenly throws back as he cums violently in my hands as my own cum burst inside him. his body slumps into mine as i kiss him on his lips.


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