Friday, December 17, 2010

Nonsense Thought:12/17/10

Walang kwentang thought for the day:

While it's true that respect is earned, this does not mean we have the right to disrespect anyone.

As individuals, there are things we believe in that others will not agree on. We each have our own unique characters that others who don't share the same point of view as we do will fail to understand. Often this misunderstanding leads to a tragedy. I've seen things like these happen many times before, but they still surprise me: petty squabbles, word fights and arguments, misunderstandings where people jump at each other like wild animals in a safari trying to establish their superiority as the alpha.

It's just sad that when two people fail to understand each other's individuality and both will show aggression, imposing their own character and beliefs, trying to prove that theirs are more superior. It's perhaps primal instinct. Perhaps it's just pride.

Marami na akong nakitang bangayan dahil sa hindi pagkakaintindihan. Marami nang iringan ang naganap dahil lamang sa pagkakaiba ng mga pananaw.

I guess that's really just the way it is. In this online community, this microcosm that we all virtually reside in to interact with our fellows, here I've seen many people get involved in many kinds of misunderstandings: maybe petty squabbles to many, but in a way, has a big impact like a butterfly's wings might create tiny changes in the atmosphere that may ultimately alter the path of a tornado or delay, accelerate or even prevent the occurrence of a tornado in a certain location.

Gayunpaman, ang mga salitang nabitiwan na ay hindi na pwedeng bawiin pero ang mga sakit na naidulot ng mga ito ay maaari pa ring maghilom.

After all, life goes on.

DISCLAIMER:These thoughts are not mine. They are taken from Jun Aquino's post in

Why did I quote this?

*Wala. Natripan ko lang.This is so true.*

What is respect?

I define Respect as the act of giving consideration to the feelings,thoughts,beliefs etc. of other people.

*Why respect?*

We have different reasons why we respect other people.

Family relationship?
Socia Norms?

It all depends.
I respect my HR manager because he's my superior. Kung hindi,I doubt it.
I respect my family because they are my family. Sa isang family-oriented na bansa,I think required ito. Tinuturuan tayo mula pagkabata na irespeto ang ating mga magulang at mga kaanak.

I respect my colleagues because I have to. Social Norms. Pero kung walang ganun? I might respect some. I might not care for the others.

Lastly,I respect other people because they respect me. In science,Mutualism. Give and take.
You give respect,you get respect. You sow what you reap.

*Where does respect come from?*

Like with the statement above,respect is earned just like trust. That's why you respect those trustworthy people. Right?

*What would happen if you feel disrespected?*

You might..

..have an unmet need to feel respected in life.
..try to demand respect from people around you.
..have low self esteem.
..feel unworthy of respect.