Monday, October 14, 2013

A R A 2

Her thoughts seemed to be endless as the warm water from her shower head tried to wash away the infidelity she committed a while ago. The caramel scented soap lathered quickly and she blankly scrubbed her body, trying to remove dirt and all possible body liquid that might have dried up.

She can still feel his thrust, slow then fast, mild then wild. She was engulfed with different sensations and emotions and she had to rid herself of them for it might be a cause of her another orgasm. She finished her bath and left her sex burning.

She went to their bed and caught a glimpse of her husband sleeping. She didn't bother get in and first checked the kids on the other room. A clumsy smile, accompanied by a series of pregnant sighs, plastered as her eyes laid on her angels sleeping. Her source of happiness and strength. Her daily dose of laughter. Her kryptonite.

She tiptoed to avoid making sounds that might distract them from sleeping. She gave M, who just turned 7, a kiss on the forehead. She fixed E's, her 3-year old boy, blanket. She stared at them for a bit longer and realized that the kids are growing. She has her dreams for them. Big dreams.

"Mommy loves you both."

She kept the lampshade on and went out of the room. She double-checked everything before going to her walk-in closet for her nighties. She decided to wear a simple black lace trim slip that gave more definition to her curves and breasts.

She gently slid beside her husband. Her husband tried to feel where she is and upon touching her waist, he made a turn and spooned her. He has always been like that.

"Got work? Tired?" he said, in a sleepy tone.

"Yes. Swamped. Rest now, you need to be early later. I already told the maid to prepare your breakfast. I'm sending the kids to school," she said.

She felt his hand exploring. She knew what he wants. She wanted to refuse but he's already on top of her. With his hard-on obviously noticeable in his boxers, she knows she's up for another fight.

"Silly," she said, emotionless.

"Just one round," he said.

She spread her legs and let him in. Her sex hurt. She suddenly felt herself loathing. She's disgusted but she couldn't show. He's thrusting faster now. He's moaning. She's got to fake it. She started moaning. Her moans were more of an obligation than pleasure. She tried to sync with him. He finished. She didn't. She had to fake another orgasm.

"I love you, Ara," he said, breathy, raspy.

He gave her a kiss. She felt irritated with the sudden lip-lock.

"You're heavy," she said, trying to make the other go away. He tossed himself back to where he first was. He fell asleep. She washed then went back to bed. With her thoughts still basking on her other man's afterglow, she beamed a smile. Minutes later, she fell asleep.

* * *

It's already 8 in the morning and she's in a hurry fixing stuff. The maid just finished feeding the kids and she has just finished her hair. She went out of the room and see the kids delighted seeing her. She gave them kisses.

"Mommy's leaving. Mommy might go home late tonight, so better be good to daddy. If the two of you won't be good, I won't be buying your toys this weekend," she said, rather in a sweet tone.

"Yes, Mommy. I love you," said M.

" I love you, Mommy," E added.

She got to the office just at the nick of time. She exchanged pleasantries with her people before heading to her own space.

"Ma'am. There's a package inside your office," the girl said.

"Yes, thank you," she said calmly, though she's surprised.

She went inside her room and saw a bouquet of roses and magnolias. Beside is a medium-sized teddy bear.

She got surprised when she saw the card the bear carries,

"I love you. You are the most beautiful woman I've seen. I'd see you tonight."
From: The man from a decade.

She needed not to think twice who the sender was. Her heart felt weak. Her face blushed. Thoughts of her family have vanished. Does this call a shot for happiness?


Unknown said...

Why can't a married person not contented w/ what he/she has? He/she decided to have a family and have kids. He/she should not only think of his/her own pleasure. Sna hndi n lng cla ngpapamilya pra wlang pamilyang nasisira at mga batang maaapektuhan!Is it still love or just lust of the flesh?

unbroken said...

Hello Kuya Philip. Bakit may gigil? Hahahahaha~
Salamat sa pagdaan Kuya!