Wednesday, April 27, 2011


By: polaris
Came the day I was born
About to end my teenaged life
Nothing so special like ordinary birthdays
Until folks welcomed me in a new world.
Deciphering what was written
Touched by stories scribbled with love
Different faces greeted me with smiles
And soon I embraced it with open arms.
Glad I was part of the family
Overwhelmed by their friendship
Hello, hi, we talked and talked
Can’t believe I met them.
Felt like it was my 1st birthday
So much greetings and gifts to open
Can’t recall who they were
But few were etched and will never be erased.
Vin kissed me 20 times
It was the first time I was kissed like that! Whoah!
Alex kindly sent me 20 mwaah hugs
It makes me feel alive! Haha…
Mharvz and I were love team
And Vin was part of the triangle! LOL
Kuya Mike dedicated PNP 12 to me
I began to love SIOPAO!
Someone asked for my number
And soon Kuya Dennis called and sung
Astoundingly, it was overseas
It was the best birthday song ever.
Above all, there was this man caught my attention
“Happy birthday!” a usual greeting from him
But it was perfectly etched in my heart
I never thought that day would come.
I never forget when he called me GB
I liked the ingenuity, made me special
We talked more and more
A friendship I could treasure for lifetime.
Two days after my birthday
First day of the fourth month
He asked queries about me
And answered him honestly.
I introduced myself wholeheartedly
And he did as well
We were similar in many ways
We have things in common.
Lucky I was trusted
I’ve known something that others don’t
He finally called me, I was surprised
A call from abroad, his voice was comforting.
Officially he has spoken
I was his second son and he was my Daddy
He started to call me “Anak” and “Son”
Tears began to flow but it was joy.
Almost an hour of talk
Relieving on my soul
I never felt that truest joy in my life
I was blessed by Him, He gave me a star.
Days passed, every day is a much-awaited-day
Our family has grown into five
He has already four kids, Denver, JJ, Macmac and I
Sometimes, I was jealous, then, later, accepted it.
Among his kids, I felt least of the attention
They were always in touch
We had, a few only, I guess
I was left behind, our time didn’t match.
But my love for him didn’t change
I learned to appreciate things
Mentor, counselor, hero, a friend
No one’s perfect, somehow as my Daddy, he was.
He promised to come on my graduation
With flying colors, I swore to him
Being a part of exchanging vows
Overwhelmed, what a joy to be there.
Black Saturday of the year
Guarantees were ruined
Everything was useless
A throbbing farewell from him.
A family he has to start his own, I wondered
Tears washed my eyes, held him tight, but he let go
Motionless, no sign of emotion, silence
Daddy was gone.
Realizations came to his mind
And we have to understand it
A decision was finally made
And we have to accept it.
Almost 23 days I was his son
Never forgot Daddy was
Him, a part of my history
Will always be cherished.
I wish it’s my 20th birthday again
The moment I left my teenage life
Everything will be back in time
With Daddy that once was mine.


unbroken said...

Very painful dear. Nice :)

polaris said...
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polaris said...

until now it really hurts..

thanks unbroken for reading.. :)

unbroken said...

I am not in the position to interfere with whatever you're feeling now. I just want you to know that you can send me a message whenever you want someone to listen. :)