Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Why Can’t You Love Me?

By: polaris

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I strive to boost myself from others

Spotlight clad me to be illustrious

Crowned by stars in a prominent humanity

But still, why can’t you spot me?

Firm voice gushes from my mouth

Tongue weaves by heartfelt words

The mob overwhelmed, yells engulf

But still, why can’t you heed me?

Butterflies flutter around me

In the garden we sit together

Even the pungent I squirt in the air

But still, why can’t you scent me?

I brush by your side carefully

Flesh to flesh we touch tenderly

My heart pounds towards your chest

But still, why can’t you feel me?

You said I smile like a seraph

My voice sweet as the harmonica

Dozen of roses you bestow to me

Warmly you ambush me in your arms

But still, why can’t you love me?


unbroken said...

I wonder if you're going through something now dear.

polaris said...

uhmm actually my pinagdadaanan nga.. mix emotions na eh.. buti na lng di ako nabaliw hehe :)

thanks for reading!

unbroken said...

For whatever it's worth,you got my back. ;)