Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A R A 6

VI. Touch Me

She felt the rush of the cold water on her feet as she step on the shore. It's a fine, sunny, breezy day at the beach. She continued exploring the beauty of the island alone. It was relaxing.

In her black striped two-piece, she surely is the apple of every men's eye and the envy of ladies. She's a walking goddess. Her stunning height, slender body and her sexy-caramel skin, she's perfection.

Feeling exhausted, she went to that vacant wooden beach chair. She rested her body and closed her eyes. Her thoughts started running to different dimensions. She's thinking of her parents. It has been a while since she last saw them. Her mom under the care of her older brother. Her dad with her new wife and kids. Her mom got nuts when her dad left her. She was angry, disappointed and in-denial. She thinks that this incident has ruined her life. She's got the money and the looks. She thought that those are enough. But she's wrong.

She thought about her own family. With M and E, there, she's happy. Though she must admit that the thought of her husband kills her. It was her mom who wanted her to marry him. Why did she even follow? Maybe at first, she was in love, but now, she doesn't know how she really feel. He has his own way of loving her but damn, it feels so wrong for her. What must she do now? Does she have to stay in a relationship that has been making her sick or does she have to go and start anew with the other. She's confused.

She opened her eyes and let out a series of pregnant sighs.

She looked around and saw an American guy looking at her. She stared at him and let out a naughty smile. The guy seemed to get the message and started walking near her. He sat near her, his trunks touching the soft sand.

"What's up?" he said.

"Just fine," she answered.

She felt a sense of excitement.

"How can a very beautiful woman like you be alone in this wonderful place?"

She smiled.

"I don't mind being alone, I enjoy myself. I like doing it on my own," she said.

The man stood up and sat on her beach chair. She was waiting for his next move. She already has a plan.

"A good company won't hurt, right?" he said.

She looked at him. Seconds after, the guy was about the place his hand on her legs. She's quick enough to grab him by the hand. The man looked shocked.

"Not too easy, mister. Try to lay your hands on my skin again, I will break all your bones and send you to your freaking country crippled," she said, emotionless.

The man was speechless, his face flushing in red. She snapped her fingers twice, making a sound good enough to catch his attention.

"You got that?"

The man nodded. She wasted no time. Stood up and walked back to her hotel room.

* * *

It was night time. She fell into a deep slumber after enjoying the salt-water. She picked her favorite flowy beach outfit and headed out of the hotel room.

The crowd is already gathering to see the fire dancers. People in their different beach clothes didn't mind the cold breeze that night. They were stunned seeing the dancers with balls of wiring swaying and dancing over them. Some even took the initiative of having their pictures taken with the fire. She was alone and enjoying it.

She felt her phone vibrating. It was him. She tried her best to avoid him after what happened to them in the restaurant. She hasn't been contacting him since his husband and her celebrated their anniversary. She made a mental note that she must avoid her for she know it won't be too long and it's not good. Her mind has been in a constant conflict whether to be moral or happy. She knows that she wants him back but she's married. She knows that she needs him but she thinks it's better to just settle for the second best.

She did everything to avoid him. Rejected or not even answer his calls or messages. Her body aches for him. She could still remember how he pleased her. His fingertips running on her caramel skin. His kisses spreading like wild fire on her body. His tongue on her sex. All is clear. It's not going to be an overexposed photograph on her memory.

“Fuck,” she said.

She then looked at her phone, he's still calling and she can still feel her phone vibrating like crazy. She desires to hear his voice but there's a voice saying that she must not answer. She ignored her phone and headed straight to the bar near the shore. She gazed at the people, she was pleased to see the crowd she's expecting, just the right mixture of brown and white. Some already got their partners that they surely just meet on the shore and some, just like her, are alone.

“Give me a shot of Patron, please,” she smiled at the bartender.

“Silver, Reposado or Piedra?”

“Silver, please,” she replied.

She then had her first shot. It was too striking that she felt really hot and sweaty in an instant.

“Another shot,” she said, still normal.

“Why don't you just get a bottle?”

“Give me one, “ she said.

The bartender handed her bottle. She didn't notice that she's halfway finishing it. She felt her head heavy and body really warm. She saw her phone, 11 missed calls, coming from one person, the other guy, Yari.

She sighed.

If he calls again, I will answer the phone.

Not another minute's gone, her phone vibrated again. It was Yari. Standing true to her words, she answered the phone.

“Yes. Hello,” she said, trying not to sound tipsy.

“Where are you? Why haven't you been answering my calls? Are you avoiding me? Don't you like me anymore? Can we meet? Where are you?” he said, sounding like a mom, nagging.

“Shut the fuck up. I don't need to tell you all my whereabouts. You ain't my mom,” she got surprised that those words came from her mouth.

“I was worried about you. You've been gone for many years and it's not going to happen again,” he said.

The words struck her. How could a guy so handsome, who happens to be divorced, got a great education, nice parents, perfect manly features, even a good dick, be so in love with her? If she's not going to take this chance, she knew that she's losing the game, again.

“I need to be away for quite a while. I need distance. What were having is not good. I'm married. I got kids and you're such a beautiful guy. I'm, i'm confused. This is not right.”

Cold wind brushed her face. She felt hot tears rolling her cheeks. It's her first time to show vulnerability. Sometimes, oh well, always, alcohol never fails to show emotions that are supressed when we are sober.

She felt a touch on her shoulder. It was familiar. The hands were heavy, proper blend of softness and rough callusses. She felt weaker. She slowly turned and saw Yari standing. Her heart jumped. Their eyes met. She felt like fainting. He held her face.

“How did you find me here?”

“I told you that I'd never let you go, right? I found you. I did,” he said, trying his best not to cry.

“This is not right, let's just stop this.”

He quickly kissed her. There was no resistance. They were feeling each other. The kiss was getting more intense. It shows their desire for each other. He pulled away from the lip-lock.

“Your lips don't lie. You still want me. I know you do.”

She grabbed her Patron and drank it. She felt hotter.

“Touch me,” she said.

The feelings were too much to take. They settled the bill and went running back to the hotel room.

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