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A R A 9

IX. Somewhere beautiful, Somewhere far.

“Come with me. You and the kids, I will give you a better life. Even better than what you have now,” he said.

She closed her eyes. The sound of the cold and moist wind coming from the open glass door of the veranda pleased her ear. She felt Yari caressing her shoulders. With her body naked, his touch scattered like fire that gave her warmth.

“Are you listening?”

“Uh-huh,” she murmured.

He hugged her tighter now. His member touching her butt cheek.

“I will love you. That's a promise. I have loved you for years or even a decade now, I assure you that you and the kids will be loved unconditionally,” he pleaded.

Her thoughts ran wild. How it'd feel having him in her life? Is he still the same? Has he changed? Is he more matured now when it comes to handling relationships and responsibilities? She felt a sudden excitement.

“We will add more kids to the family. Our kids, Ara. Ours.”

His breathing under her neck tickled her.

“We will make a baseball team, we will be a happy family. With E and M, and our kids, our future kids. Our family will be full of love and happiness. That. I promise.”

She felt dizzy. She felt her eyes are spinning, as well as her head.

“I-I feel dizzy,” she managed to say, weakly.

He felt alarmed. He instantly got up and checked her. She looked pale and weak.

“What's wrong?”

“I feel cold, my head is spinning.”

He instantly got up and prepared some hot soup for her. She lay in bed, her mind blank, her body complaining. She has never felt this way, just now.

“Where are you? I'm dizzy,” she said, softly.

“I'm here, making you some hot soup.”

She beamed a broken smile. Her thoughts started wandering again. A new life with her kids, with a new man, a new house. Everything's new. She has never felt happier.

“There you go,”

In front of her is a man, a naked Adonis, serving her like a queen and loving her like she's the only woman in the world.

Actually, it's not about you anymore, it's about your kids. Do what you think is best for your kids. Marly's words suddenly hit her head.

She felt confusion.

Yari gave her first bite of her soup. It was just right. She stared at nothingness.

Are you okay?”

She nodded. She continued finishing her soup. The warmth of it made her feel better.

Actually, it's not about you anymore, it's about your kids. Do what you think is best for your kids. These words hit her again.

He wrapped his arms around her. Feeling really happy that finally, after a decade, he's holding her in his arms. He finally realized that it was worth the risk. That the chance he took actually was made for things to get better.

I love you, I really do. And i'd do everything to make you happy.”

Actually, it's not about you anymore, it's about your kids. Do what you think is best for your kids. She's not hearing him. She's hearing Marly's words. She felt confusion. A struggle again between being moral and being happy.

Now that you are finally not living with your husband, you can start moving in with me and the kids. We will pamper them with toys and luxury. We will be a happy family. I promise you that.”

It's not about me anymore, it's about the kids,” she said, murmurring.

He got surprised. He kept silent and waited for more words. But there was none.

Ara, do you love me?”

There was no answer. He sighed.

I just want to let you know how much I love you. Please take note of that. Do you love me?”

Still, there was no answer. He looked at her and saw her sleeping. He smiled.

Good night, my angel.”

* * *

Mommy, where are we going? Why are we packing our things?”

She smiled at M, who's now looking really good with his red polo shirt.

Somewhere. I'm sure that you'd love it there. It's a very beautiful place.”

Will there be lots of toys, Mommy?”

She nodded. She gently pulled E and fixed his button.

Where is daddy?”

It was E.

She smiled. She's expecting it. She has practiced what to say but when she heard those words, she got speechless.

Yes, Mommy, where is Daddy?”

It was M.

She took a deep breath. She realized that there's no other way to deal with it but to just let the kids know the truth.

Okay. M and E, listen to Mommy.”

The kids went near her.

Mommy and Daddy had a fight. And mommy's not sure if mommy and daddy will be okay again.”

She looked at her kids, both are still listening, faces blank.

For the meantime, it will be just Mommy, M and E.”

But why did you fight Mommy? Fighting is bad. You told me not to fight with E because it's bad. Why can't you and daddy be just okay?”

She sighed.

M, things happen for a reason. Who knows, maybe in the future, or maybe soon, mommy and daddy will be okay.”

Does that mean we will not have Daddy?” E said.

For the meantime, yes. It's going to be just me, and you and M.”

It was getting more difficult for her. M started sobbing. E was blank.

Can Daddy visit us still?”

Of course M. Me and daddy talked about it. That if he misses you and you miss him, he will always call and visit you if he has time.”

No more daddy mommy?”

Both are now sobbing. Her heart was breaking.

M and E, what did your daddy tell you before? What does he tell you when he goes to work and we are left alone at home?”

Daddy told me to be a big boy and take care of you and M.”

She smiled.

Very good. Of course, you didn't want to disappoint daddy, right?”

Yes mommy.”

She touched M's face.

Since it's just the three of us, I expect you to be strong and be a big boy that helps mommy okay?”

M nodded.

I love you, Mommy,” said E.

She hugged her kids.

* * *

Are you sure your doing this, Ara?” Marly asked.

With their bags already at the check-in counter, she nodded.

Yes, Marly. This is for the better. Thanks for everything.”

No worries.”

They handed the teller their tickets and the latter attended to their luggages and gave them their boarding pass.

So, till I see you again?”

Marly, in tears, nodded.

I will miss you, Ara.”

I will miss you more, Marly. Thanks for all the help.”

They hugged.

M and E, go and kiss Tita Marly. We're leaving.”

The two kids followed her. They were already heading to the waiting area when she suddenly felt dizzy again. She stopped for a while.

Mommy, what's wrong?”

Nothing, M.”

With the two kids on her side, she felt better. This is what she wanted to happen.

She felt her phone vibrating. It was Yari. It has been weeks since she last talked to him. She avoided him because she didn't want any distraction as she pursue her plans. She doesn't want anyone to stop her. This is for the better.

She answered the phone, for the last time.

Ara, where are you? I've been worried about you. It has been weeks since! What happened? What aren't you answering my calls,” he said, hurriedly.

She smiled.

I'm just fine. Yari, thanks for everything.

“What do you mean?”

You have been a very wonderful guy. I will definitely miss you.”

I don't understand you, where are you now? Let's meet! I need to talk to you! What is this all about?” he sounded panicky.

Yari, do you remember the question you asked me the last time we were together?”

Y-yeah,” he answered, confused.

Ask me the question again.”

Ara, do you love me?”

She smiled.

Yes, I do. I love you, Yari.”

That was the first time you told me you love me,”

Calling the attention of the passengers of flight UA184 bound to Guam. Please proceed to Gate No. 5.

The announcement was to loud for Yari to hear it.

Wait, Ara. Where are you going?”

Somewhere beautiful. Somewhere far.”

Are you leaving me?”

Calling the attention of the passengers of flight UA184 bound to Guam. Please proceed to Gate No. 5.

Remember that I love you. And in my next life, if we were apart, I'd find you and i'd choose to be in love with you for the rest of my days.”

She can hear him sob now. She hung up. She smiled with her heart heavy. M noticed it.

Are you crying Mommy?”

No, M. I'm fine.”

Don't worry Mommy, me and E are big boys now. We will definitely punch people who will make your cry.”

Her kids hugged her. The next thing they know is that they're flying.

It's a new life for her.


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