Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A R A 7

VII. Breakfast in Bed


It was a hot and steamy night for them. Finally, after weeks of not seeing each other, they were able to finally see and feel the desire they have for one another.

He wrapped his arms around her nakedness. She was still gasping for air. They both relaxed as the tension subsided. He's now combing her hair with her fingers. She feels happy.

“Don't ever leave me again, Ara.”

She remained silent.

“I got crazy when you stopped responding to my messages. I knew there was anything wrong and I was very scared with the thought of losing you again,” he said.

He started touching her face. Her perfect cheekbones. The touch of his hand on her face sent shivers down her spine. How could someone so wrong love her so right?

“I'm sleepy,” she lied.

She tried to remove herself from his arms but he was too strong to pull her back again. She then gave up and just felt his body close to her.

“Why don't you just get a new girl?” she asked him.

He was caught off-guard with the question.


“Nothing,” she replied.

She heard him sigh.

“Why do you want me to find a new girl if it's you I want?”

She didn't answer. She threw a look at the wall clock adjacent to the bedroom. It was definitely, time for her sleep. She thought of her kids. Are M and E already sleeping? Did her husband give them good food? Are they all okay?

“Hey, answer me, don't you like me at all?”

She felt her eyes are struggling, battling sleep. Her thoughts are drifting away.

“Don't you love me?” he said.

She fell asleep.

He looked at her. Saw that his angel is now asleep. He wrapped her around his arms. His body now her human blanket. He thought of forever. Him and her. Travelling. Building houses. With kids running and making noise. Laughter. Happiness. Tears. And Love.

He flashed a very sweet smile.

He closed his eyes and he didn't notice that he had fallen asleep.

* * *

“Breakfast in bed?”

A husky voice entered her ears as she struggled between waking up and continuing her slumber. She slowly opened her eyes and saw a man, half-naked, walking towards her. She got up and leaned on the headboard. He happily placed the tray on the bed and waited till she finally woke her senses up.

“What's for breakfast, Yari?”

He smiled. His eyes smiled, too. He eyed her nakedness. She looked even lovelier, naked, in the morning.

“I got here some hotdogs, fried eggs, and pancit canton,” he said, giddy.

She smiled. She was moved.

“You remember,” she said.

He looked at her.

“How can I forger everything about you? You are the most wonderful thing in my life. Of course, I won't forget.”

They ate breakfast together. She was touched by the fact that he still remembers even the smallest of details. They talked about the things that had happened when they stopped communicating. They discussed things that they never thought they'd be talking about. They talked about their families, how have they been and stuff.

“What about us?” he said.

“What do you mean?”

“Us, you and me,” he said.

“I don't know. We better not talk about it,” as if it was already a mantra, she sounded stiff when she said those words.

“Don't you love me?”

She stood up and had her bath. She left him.

“Why can't you just answer if you do love me or not?”

She looked at him, blankly.

“It doesn't matter,” she answered.

She went near him and kissed his lips.

“I'd see you soon. I'm going back home now. I miss my kids,” she said.

Before he could say any word, she was already gone.

* * *

The flight back to the city was actually enjoyable for her. She got accustomed to it since she has flown to different places when she was 18. She has enjoyed long and short flights. She finds amusement in seeing clouds up in the sky in the morning or even the city lights at night.

The flight was smooth and since she doesn't have any baggages, she went directly to the taxi bay and headed home.

Her house was unusually quiet. Before getting in, she checked her cellphone and saw lots of missed calls coming from her husband, some text messages coming from Yari, and her husband asking when will she be back. She's pretty sure that he'd be happy and surprised to see her home. Since it was a Tuesday, she's sure that he's there since it's his off.

The kids must be at school. She thought.

She slowly got in the house. Avoided making any noise since he must be sleeping still.

She put her bag on the sofa and headed quietly on their room. The room was slightly opened and she didn't struggle opening it. She was about to surprise her husband that she's home. But to her dismay, she was the one surprised. He saw him on top of another woman. The woman was moaning in ecstacy. Her husband was saying her name. It was rhythmic. It sounded like they are already reaching the peak. She silently looked at them as they both get to the much-awaited climax. One final pump and he was gasping for air. He let his body fall on his other woman. She was still watching.

At that particular moment, she couldn't explain what she felt. Her face was red and numb. She couldn't identify if she feels anger. She was too dumbfounded with what she saw.

He then saw her standing at the door. He was so shocked and immediately went near her. The other woman got so pale.

A-Ara, i-Im sorry. I'm sorry,” he said, panicky.

She shove him off and went directly to the other woman. She looked at her and that feeling of anger struck her. The other woman was still naked.

Get out of my bed before I pull all of your hair and feed them to you,” she said, trying to sound emotionless.

She then went straight to her husband. Her hands flew quickly to his face. That was the first time she slapped him.

Go and pack your bags. Leave this house and I don't want to see you anymore.”

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