Friday, May 6, 2011

Kiss of the Wind

I will tell you something. But promise me you’ll never tell anyone. It’s all about what I did last night. Yes, last night, and it’s amazing. I did something I thought I could never do.

I had goose bumps. I had bloodstains. I had adrenalin rush when I took hold of that syringe and tablets blocking my way out of the tiled room, which just ended up taking off my grasp. I had amusement when I crawled effortlessly toward her room just to peek and look at her lovely face, only to find her sobbing in pain.

There I realized, it’s not just me who had bloodstains. The pretty young lady I admired a lot also had. She might be wounded fro she was bleeding. I pitied her. I thought of ways on how I could get near her but I feared she might be afraid of me. Why not? I was stained with blood all over. I hadn’t combed my hair, oh well, I didn’t really have hair to comb. And… I was shy. I was naked. I didn’t have dress like hers nor a pointed pair of slippers like she wore. I didn’t even have the voice to call her attention and her to take a glance of me. And I wasn’t big for her to take notice of my presence.

The door swung open. Someone tall, white and handsome with aquiline nose entered the lovely lady’s room. He paced hurriedly toward her bed and hugged her tight. He cupped her face and kissed her lips. I heard him say she just did what was right and good for them. What did he mean? Was wounding herself right and good? I hated him. He didn’t ask her if she’s okay, or maybe I just hadn’t heard.

I hated him more when he said no one could ever kiss her than him. I envied him. I wished to have her kissing and embracing me. But the man seemed selfish. There, I pitied myself. I could no longer feel the lovely lady’s warm touch… But no! I felt the craving inside me. I felt the need of her warmth. I couldn’t tell why. Maybe, it’s the blood of hers which smelled exactly the same like the bloodstains starting to dry up on my body. I made my mind up. I waited for him to leave and there I took all my courage to get by her side.

And now, I’ll tell you what I really wanted to tell you. But promise me you’re bringing this secret on your grave. Promise me that you’ll never tell that man about this, for he might kill me… again.

What I did last night before I finally went somewhere unknown was…

I kissed the lovely lady…

I kissed my Mom goodbye.

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