Monday, May 2, 2011

The Realization of my Dreams

I had a dream. It was superbly extraordinary. I never imagined that it would happen even in dreams. Yes, dreams are said to be opposite of reality, still, the peculiarity and eccentricity I savored was really unforgettable.

It was nighttime, but I saw sunshine. There was the sun, but the place was extremely black. In my dream, I knew I couldn’t see and feel anything, yet I was marveled by the peacefulness and brilliance of the night. The silvery white sky, embellished with myriads of stars sparkling with enthusiasm, made my head tilt up high just to see the wondrous firmament. Maybe, I was Vincent Van Gogh that time, I said, “The night is a starry, starry night,” but, in the absence of the moon, and in the presence of the sun.

I saw bats stagnated on blades of grass and owls hung inverted on a branch. They were indulged in tranquil slumber. They are nocturnal creatures, I know. However, it was obvious the sun was shining, yet it was still nighttime. I made deeper my understanding and just walked, wearing away from my existence the perplexity that emanated from various indecipherable occurrences. As I was a step accelerated, I smiled. I saw two, big, round eyes fully awake. I felt so happy I didn’t have to contradict the truth I knew, yet was frustrated when those two, big, round eyes closed as if just expressed their indignation towards me. I concluded, the owl was just startled by the mild cacophony of dried leaves every time I had to make a step closer to the answers on my queries.

From afar, I could see multitude of sunflowers dancing to the tune of the whispering wind, facing upwards, with their petals bashfully closed. They were facing the smiling sun, and the sunflowers didn’t smile back. So, they weren’t sunflowers anymore, though they looked like real sunflowers. I must say, they were flowers only, without sun attached to their names, because they were supposed to be sunflowers because they looked like sunflowers. Yet, because they didn’t smile back to the sun, they were only to be called flowers.

My curiosity incited me to come nearer to the flowers. Then, I was there in an instant. I touched one of the flowers. I was greatly flabbergasted upon seeing its petals gradually stretching out to open. I touched another one, and the same thing happened. I was filled with so much ecstasy and my vitality went up the pinnacle. I touched the flowers one by one till they opened in response to my blissful state of mind. As I finished making them all open in a night full of happenings, I felt somewhat exhausted. However, the tiredness I was feeling didn’t prevail at all. I even asked for more! They were then myflowers, for they smiled back at me. They weren’t sunflowers, I concluded, for they didn’t smile back at the sun. They’re rather to be called myflowers, because they should be, for with me, was the proof. I, myself, was the proof.

As I proceeded to my unknown destination, I met along the way birds without wings. Each of them had four slender but sturdy feet which shocked me a lot. They didn’t have beaks, instead, they had mouths like dogs, with bones gripped by their sharp canines. Suddenly, one of them dropped the bone and howled like a wolf. I stepped back a little, with a bit of fright inside of me. However, as I remembered that the night was an exceptional night, I didn’t bother have heavy feelings and managed to feel weightless and mindless, but heartful.

My eagerness to find the wings of those birds acting like dogs and wolves dominated my totality. I searched everywhere like crazy, then found them floating above me. I saw dogs having wings, having only two, cute feet. They had beaks, and they chirped harmonious sonatas in the air. Instead of pondering deeply the situation, I just smiled out the expected scrutiny and criticism from me. I just smiled as birds like dogs and wolves howled, and as dogs and wolves like birds chirped. The night was really out of ordinary.

I’m under my bed right now, my bed lying above me. Morning stars dominate the sides of my lips with dried saliva thickened beside my eyes. I wear the bed sheet, my clothes covering my bed. And I am dreaming, no, not anymore.


unbroken said...

For you to remember your dreams? Must be something. Napakadetailed ng gawa mo. Even the details of your dreams are really figurative.

Try this:

polaris said...

hi po :)
hehe thanks sa comments.. ano pala email mo?

unbroken said...

Bakit dear? Imessage mo nalang ako sa FB.