Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Sweet Tragedy

Eerie chortle laid in the air of bewilderment,
Emblazoned in mockery fashioned with wonderment;
Sing the unsung lullaby – Rejoice!
Haven of mending hearts,
Save me from falling – ‘Tis the promise of an angel.
Held me close into your arms;
Heal the scars of my broken heart,
Shield my spirit from reprisal.
Touch me.
Deciphered the unwritten poem of love,
Let loneliness be eschewed;
Descend happiness out of solitude.
Save the last dance for me,
For my damned soul be enlightened amidst obscurity.
Love me.
Kiss me.
Trapped my soul in your arms;
Burgeoned of red roses rapt in disdain,
Be an angel – Save me!
Still in the running waters of love.
Help me.
‘Cause I was jailed in the asylum of melancholy;
Save me from this sweet tragedy,
Search for the love,
I am.
I will.

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