Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Scattered all over were lilacs and beads
Ribbons swayed, laces curled
Faces with smiles glowed side by side the aisle.

Wedding bells, rings, veil and chord
Motioned in rhythm, all attuned in one
Infecting the air was the song long gone.

Right over there, down the altar
He stood so proud, I heard his heart
Pounding so loud, so fast, so glad.

Those lips I used to kiss, hands I used to hold
Stares I used to own, body I used to touch
At the foot of the church, I stood, I craved.

Long white sparkling gown here came
Took his view away from me
Marched in cadence towards him.

Trade of vows and I dos
My tears screamed I was the bride! I was his bride!
I should have been his bride!

If he never let go of me…
Only if…
But he did.


unbroken said...

Nakakaloka! Hahahahaha!

Heartbreak keme!

polaris said...

oo nga sir rovi.. kaloka talaga.. at may gana pa talaga xang manood ng kasal ng ex nya noh.. grbe! tanga nya din hahaha.. bitter!

MERVIN said...

damang-dama ko un huh...OUCH huh

polaris said...

thanks mervin for reading.. bakit nakarelate ka? :)