Monday, May 30, 2011

The Red Rose

The moon was at its fullest, bloody. Midnight and I could see the heavens lighted. Before the skies would signal the coming of the dawn, I would be born again, be reincarnated. Not as a different creature, but the same as what I was at the moment and nine hundred and ninety-nine years ago – a bloodsucker, but with a different identity. I must reincarnate, or be denied of immortality. I would die, and would become a wilted thorny rose. I would never want that. All I need was a beating heart, a human heart, to remain an immortal.

I did search for mortals, and I met twelve of them. I needed just one, and I chose…

I felt thirst… Human bloods were just around. Liters of them. So long had I not drunk a volume. We were prohibited to, for a few centuries now, and I did not know why. I should not really be tempted. I got an aim, and I just couldn’t give up my eternity. I must slay a human before it was full moon.

Of the millions of places in the world, I found my beloved gorgeous physique standing, studying every human present in a kingdom found amid the faraway wild hills.

Right from where I was, I saw her glow. She was so beautiful. I could smell and hear her heart, perfect for my need, for my reincarnation. “Princess Arlyn!” called someone in a formal suit. He was Gentleman Jhay, I could saw it on his name plate. “I thought you’re with Prince Ian. I heard he’s here, looking for you,” he added. He was of a good built, feminine. I could see sense his nervous heart beat. His heart could also be perfect for my need. But, no. He was frail. He would want to be the prince for her, but he got the most coward heart.

“We haven’t been together, for quite a long time now. I decided not to see him, or at least not to find ways to see him. I realized I am tired. Please don’t mention anything about him, I beg. I need to make the best of my face tonight. It’s my sister’s wedding.” She smiled the sweetest, but her shoulders fell. She could not pretend. Yet, insensible, she had not felt the gentleman’s love, for her.

I sensed three aortas coming near. They were Mardy’s, Richel’s and Philip’s, the never complaining confidants. They were blameless, na├»ve, demure and tamed. They were unfamiliar. They could be my last options, but could also be the first.

Here came Princess Geraldine and Jennifer. They were overfamiliar. Refined. One of them could be the mortal I needed. “How lucky Princess Mihara is. She got the most loving Queen. And she, now, would be marrying Prince Arturo. I wonder how much of love do they share. What do you think Jennifer? Will I also find my most true love?” Hopeful romantic, she had a longing heart.

“You won’t find him Geraldine. He will find you. Who knows? He may be around tonight. Wou will bump on him. You will fall, and he’ll catch you. Then there will be no slow motion, but a motion stop. And, boom! There comes your most true love.” She was her stimulant, the filler. She would always want everyone to grin.

I shifted eyes, got multiple choices, got short way to go before midnight. I should have just randomly grabbed one, and never opted.

“Sheila, am I on the right track?” She combed her now shoulder-length brown hair. “I have to do this for the Queen. For a couple of times, I disappointed her. Now, I have to marry a man I don’t love at all.” Her pretty face, upset, gloomy as her velvety red long robe. She could have the heart I was looking for. She was perfect.

“If Fribel is here, she would be telling you not to. She sees love a treasure, and should not be wasted. But she’s forever gone. So, listen to me. You’re clever than I. Even stronger. It had been your toughest decision. You’ve had more than this torture, Princess Mihara. I know the prince can make you happy, at least.” She’s the littlest, the sincerest. She had the softest heart, suicidal. She valued not her life, she could be the best one I should kill, but she was loved. Not her heart.

The ceremony had to start. The groom stood in frantic ease. He was unnoticeably troubled. At the end of the crimson carpet, his bride started to march. She stunned him. She was flawlessly beautiful. She was near, just a few steps and they would touch. I could hear both hearts throbbing fast. Both were genuinely in love, but not for each other.

“Prince Arturo!” shouted a voice from where the bride had stood before, at the far end of the crimson carpet. “I can’t just see you exchanging vows with the woman I know you don’t love! My love for you brought me here! I know death awaits me for taking this courage, but I’d rather die than see you one with her! I beg you not to marry her!”

“Geed…” His voice was calm. He turned to get back his stare to his bride. “Princess Mihara, I fear I might cause you pain after this. You are the most beautiful woman I ever met, but my heart simply doesn’t beat for you.” In a very low voice, he told her.

“You are the most gentleman Prince Arturo. You can’t hurt me, ‘cause not my heart belongs to you. Go, get him before he’ll be punished to death.” The bride smiled at him. He kissed her hand, left and got lost with Prince Geed. Everyone around was in awe, speechless.

“You are freed. You are unmarried. You are meant to be mine, Princess Mihara. I’m so sorry, I had been so afraid to fight for us. Not this time. Not again. The heavens gave me chance. Now give me chance to mend your heart.” He was Karl, the kingdom’s head knight, Princess Mihara’s love. He was changed, for love.

Humans, they were born to live for a few years, and love. Now I know why we were, for centuries now, deprived to kill humans. They were valuable. I made a fist, tight. It was sixty tic-tacs more before midnight. I needed to slay a human and get his beating heart. I was in turmoil on who would I kill. I again looked up the bloody full moon. I closed my eyes, readied myself to kill, to reincarnate. One more tic-tac.


I guided my hands to my chest, gained vigour, gained more vigour. I buried my claws deep down my ice-cold flesh, and took out my heart. I killed myself.

I was Syndy, nine hundred and ninety-nine years ago. Now, I reincarnated, into a wilted thorny red rose.
Happy May Flower!

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